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At the end of July, I hired a campervan and went road tripping through Western Australia’s backyard for two weeks. PS Online had just ticked over a busy year of business, the kids were on holidays and COVID-19 made it impossible to travel outside the state. So, while the idea of switching off for two weeks was unnerving, I found myself without a reason not to go.

Sunshine and the ocean do wonders for recharging the body, so I did what every other Western Australian did this winter and chased the sunshine north. After I got home, I realised how important recharging my personal batteries is and how thankful I was for two weeks ‘out of office’. Here are the three ways I managed my workload and client expectations while away.



I am a strong believer in that as long as you let your clients know the dates that which you may not be contactable, they’re usually very understandable (who doesn’t support a holiday?!) Two weeks prior to leaving, I touched base with every client to let them know I was heading away. This gave them ample time to send through any requests before I left. The day before I set off, I sent a reminder message about my holiday. 

It was also important to let my clients know of the processes I had in place that would address any requirements that came up while I was away from my desk.


Ensuring you’re well equipped with the appropriate work processes in place will put your mind at ease while travelling. I had someone on hand who was able to assist with urgent website changes and I asked my server company to monitor any hosting issues. Clients were also briefed how to access their account.

I posted to social media about my break and placed the dates I would be away in a banner on my website. By doing this, any clients or potential clients would know to expect an email on my return. Lastly, and most importantly, I put an ‘out of office’ autoreply on my emails.


Recharging your personal batteries is important and it’s usually only once you switch off that this recharging can take place. Travelling for two weeks through Shark Bay, Exmouth and Broome was one of the best things I could have done after a busy, and slightly perplexing, first half of 2020.

We spent the time driving, sightseeing and enjoying everything that Western Australia has to offer. From feeding dolphins to riding camels in Broome, it certainly was a holiday to remember and the perfect ‘battery recharge’.

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