Behind the logo and what it stands for

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What's in a logo?

Our logo for PS Online in its current form came from a disconnect of the creative work we produce and the image our old logo portrayed. It was monotone, lacked personality and had little thought. But! The old logo served its purpose for our first few months of operation! And as we grew the need to replace it soon followed.

The new design brief started with colour...

Colour is a power which directly influences the soul

Wassily Kandinsky

A creative colour scheme and a nod to diversity...

At PS Online Web Design Perth, we celebrate diversity and believe that every person is worthy, no matter their gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, disability, or age. Our logo reflects the creative nature of our work and nods to our ethos of making everybody feel welcome.

After carefully selecting a colour palette, we got to work incorporating the PS initials into a modern, technology inspired shape. We also toyed with the use of gradients and single colours before deciding on filling each element of the logo with the corresponding outline colour. Adding our name using a font that breaks up the hard lines of the logo with a soft curve brought it all together.

To discuss your web design requirements contact PS Online, your Perth based web design experts.

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